mirror craft

4 DIY Old Mirror Craft Ideas

Are you looking for a unique crafting project? If so, do you have old mirrors that could use a little sprucing up? Repurposing your old mirrors to make gifts or decorative items prevents you from having to buy a new mirror for the project. You don’t need any special skills or tools to create any of the old mirror crafts I posted below. Adding items to the frame of your mirror instantly changes its appearance.

mirror craft

Below are 4 DIY Old Mirror Craft Ideas

Mosaic Tile
Select a variety of different colored mosaic tiles as a border around the mirror. Dry run the mosaic tiles around the mirror–do not glue–until you are satisfied along with your design and pattern. To dry run is to place the tiles in a spot without securing them to the mirror. Hot glue the mosaic tiles in place and allow them to dry. After the glue dries, hang the mirror in a room of your choice to create a focal point.

Border the mirror with items to complement the room–for example, if the centerpiece will be for a dining room table, you may need to select tiny porcelain flowers for the border to generate an elegant, romantic look and feel to the centerpiece. Hot glue your border items around the mirror, making a frame. Hot glue felt on the back of the mirror, as this prevents it from slipping off the table. Place the mirror in the center of the table and place decorative items on it, such as a bouquet of flowers.

Create a beach-themed mirror for your home or as a gift for someone who lives on or near a beach. Purchase seashells at your hobby store as a border for the mirror. Dry run the seashells around the mirror until you are satisfied with the border before gluing them in place. This lets you change the position or location of a shell without having to remove the glue. After you have successfully completed your dry run border with the seashells, lift each shell from the mirror and glue it in place. Repeat until all shells are glued to the mirror.

Create a mirror for someone in your life who has a locker. Select an item to border the mirror according to the use of the locker–for example, a gym locker or school locker. Perhaps, you could create a border for a gym locker out of tiny plastic balls bought at a hobby store. A school locker border could be made from pencils, pens and brightly colored paperclips. Glue the items in place around the mirror until the border is complete. Secure magnetic strips on the back of the mirror with glue. Usually, lockers are made of metal, and magnetic strips secure the mirror to the inside of the locker door.

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