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6 Awesome Gifts for The Organic Gardener

Do you know an organic gardener? If so, why not think of a gift that is related to gardening?  I’m willing to bet the gardener in your life longs for a decorative item to include in her garden, or she is in need of new gardening supplies. When thinking of gift ideas don’t forget that an organic gardener does not use toxic chemicals such as synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Here are 6 the best gifts for organic gardeners.

organic gardener

Painted Flower Pots
A little paint can work wonders for a plain terra cotta pot. Paint terra cotta pots for the organic gardener. Decide if you would like to paint the pots in a theme—for example, herbs. If you do not want to use colored paint, chalkboard paint the terra-cotta pot and write a note on each pot with chalk. Include chalk when giving this gift.

Gardeners wear gloves, especially active gardeners. Purchase different styles and types of gardening gloves for the organic gardener in your life. Arrange the gloves in a planter, creating a glove gift basket. Include at least five different types of gardening gloves.

Wind Chimes
Gardeners spend hours outdoors tending to their gardens. Purchase a variety of wind chimes as a gift. Select small to large wind chimes. Every time the receiver of this gift is in her garden, she will think of you when the wind blows and her wind chimes create beautiful music. If she already has a theme in her garden, select wind chimes that correspond to her theme.

Rain Barrel
Surprise the organic gardener in your life with a rain barrel. The rain barrel allows the gardener to collect rain. The rainwater collected waters her garden. This gift also lowers the receiver’s water bill, by recycling.

Indoor Herb Garden
Purchase an indoor herb garden as a gift for the organic gardener. Select an herb garden already thriving. The gardener can use the herbs to season her food. You may wish to purchase two or three different indoor container herb gardens as your gift. Select enough plants to fill the windowsill of her kitchen.

Magazine Subscription
Treat the organic gardener in your life to a yearly subscription to a gardening magazine. Prepay for the year, and have it delivered to her home. When giving your gift to the gardener, purchase one magazine from the store, wrap in wrapping paper, and include a note stating she will receive the entire year.

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