kitchen decorating

7 DIY Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Instead of hiring a decorator to decorate your kitchen, do it yourself. Lots of do-it-yourselfers enjoy remodeling and decorating their homes. Decorating your kitchen lets you implement any color, design or pattern you wish. Decorating your kitchen yourself also saves you from paying a decorator. Think about using colors present in other rooms of the house or incorporating a new color into the kitchen. Permit yourself a weekend to decorate your kitchen.

kitchen decorating

Below are 7 DIY kitchen decorating ideas to get you started:


Paint your kitchen with interior paint, using a paintbrush and a paint roller. Select a color of paint to complement your kitchen curtains, tablecloth or rugs. For example, in the event, you need to dress your window in white and blue curtains, think about painting the kitchen either white or blue.

Replace the kitchen cabinet doorknobs. Unscrew the screw holding the doorknobs in place and remove the knob. Secure the new doorknobs to each cabinet door with the screw provided and your screwdriver.

Remove the pantry door to expose the shelving along with your screwdriver. Relocate items in the pantry to another place, and display your tiny kitchen appliances, dishes, and knick-knacks. Removing the pantry door creates a built-in shelving unit in the kitchen.

Hang curtains in the kitchen. Select kitchen curtains containing the wall color. For example, in the event, you painted your kitchen walls white, select curtains with white in the pattern.

Dress your kitchen table with a tablecloth. Select a tablecloth to complement your window treatments and wall color. Complementing these create a balanced appearance to the room. Decorate the table with a centerpiece.

Place potted herbs on the windowsill of your kitchen. This decorates the windows and lets you have an indoor herb garden.

Install a pot rack in the kitchen according to the manufacturer’s directions. A pot rack decorates the kitchen, lets you display your pots and creates space in your cabinets.

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