how to repair

How to Repair Interior Trim in 8 Easy Steps

Does the interior trim in your home or apartment need to be updated? Is it old or maybe even children colored all over it? It’s important to note that you can easily achieve this DIY project. When starting the process of repairing the wood trim in your home, it may be labor intensive depending on the wood trim. Many older homes trim commonly have six or seven layers of paint on the wood trim. Finding the correct paint stripper and other tools for this project relatively makes the job easier to accomplish. Removing the trim from the baseboard of the walls or the ceiling trim will provide an easier restoration of the wood trim and more comfortable working surface.


how to repair

Things you will need
Paint stripper
Paint scrapper
Rubber gloves
Electric sander or sand paper
Paint pan
Pry bar
Razor knife
Natural color wood putty



Step 1
Cut any caulking or paint that fills the cracks against the wood trim, the wall or ceiling with a razor knife. This prevents additional chipping of the wall paint.

Step 2
Remove the wood trim from the baseboard of the wall, and the ceiling. Place a scrap piece of wood flat against the wall, and place the flat bar against the scrap piece of wood while gently prying the wood trim away from the wall. Work your way across the entire piece of trim while loosening the wood trim in equal amounts to prevent cracking or breaking the piece of trim.

Step 3
Remove the nails from the piece of wood trim with a pair of pliers. Place the pliers onto the nail from the backside of the trim, and pull the nails through the backside of the wood trim. This prevents chipping the face of the trim. Use a marker, and mark the backside of the pieces of wood trim location for easier reinstallation.

Step 4
Wearing rubber gloves to protect the skin, and remove the paint on the wood trim with paint remover. Apply the paint remover with a paintbrush and allow the paint remover to sit for at least 15 minutes. Paint starts to bubble when ready for removal.

Step 5
Scrap the paint from the wood trim with a paint scraper. Allow the wood to dry completely before sanding the wood trim.

Step 6
Apply wood filler to any divots and holes that need filling. Allow the wood to dry completely before sanding smooth.

Step 7
Use an electric sander, and sand the entire piece of wood trim smooth. Paint or stain the wood trim to preference, and allow the wood trim to dry completely.

Step 8
Reinstall the wood trim to their proper locations using finish nails and nailing through the face of the trim. Use an appropriate colored wood filler to fill the nail holes on the wood trim.

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