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4 Simple Yet Amazing DIY Home Office Decorating Ideas

Part of the excitement of creating a home office involves decorating your office. Creating shelving for your home office does not have to involve spending a small fortune on premade shelving units. Instead, look around your home for items you have that you could turn into shelving. Hard work and creativity can create the perfect shelving for your home office. Here are 4 DIY home office decorating ideas that will instantly renovate your home office.


diy home office

Transform an armoire into your personal shelving for your home office. Armoires provide a large amount of shelving room. You can decoratively hide any storage mess with an armoire by closing the doors. Armoires come in a variety of sizes and colors. Consider using more than one armoire in your home office if you have a large number of items to store on shelving. Typically, you can adjust the height of the shelves inside an armoire to your personal preference.

Corner Shelves
Typically, corners sit empty or possibly hold a floor plant. Convert this unused space into a place for shelves. Purchase corner shelving and install it in all four corners of your home office. Decide if you wish to install one shelf in each corner, or dedicate one corner of your home office for corner shelving. Purchase and install enough corner shelves to run from floor to ceiling. Possibly, you wish to use one of the corner shelves in your home office for knickknacks or plants.

Convert bookshelves into home office shelving. Decide if you want the bookshelves to sit on your floor, or hang on your wall. You might consider using an entire wall in your home office for bookshelves. Line the bookshelves along the entire length of the wall, and screw to the wall for security. You may stack other bookshelves on top of the ones against the wall and secure them with screws. This creates a wall-shelving unit for your home office.

Perhaps, you have pieces of wood leftover from a previous project; use the wood to create shelving in your home office. Cut the wood to specific sizes for your shelves, or bring the pieces of wood to your local hardware store or lumberyard and they can cut it for you. Sand, paint or stain the wood to match the d├ęcor in your home office. For an added decorative touch, cut and hang your wooden shelves in different sizes one wall in your home office. These shelves also work well above windows or doors.


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